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Software Defined Networking from a design paradigm led gradually to an architecture with many inter-relationship among some of the main standardization activities carried out by different actors (such as ONF, ITU-T, IETF, ecc) in the wide sector of new visions for the Internet of the Future. Among them the area related to the Internet of Things and its enabling technologies (such as Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks or Cyber Physical Systems) recently received a strong impulse to speed up the process that from Academic and Industrial Research could give the possibility to establish new Working groups on Standardization. The IEEE action in this direction starts from the definition of new Research Groups and this Special Session is proposed in the framework of the IoT Rapid Reaction Standardization Activity that defined a Research Group on “IoT Communications and Networking Infrastructures” to emphasize the relevance of the design of proper infrastructures (at the WSAN level, at the cellular and fixed network level, inside the data centers or among data centers) enabling the Future Internet of Things. In this area new contributions in the field SDN for IoT are welcome together new possible proposals for interoperation, joint resource allocation, performance, security and reliability improvements obtainable by networks jointly adopting an SDN approach.

Session Organizers:

Stefano Giordano
University of Pisa, Italy

Periklis Chatzimisios
Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece

Special Session in Optical Wireless Communication

In recent years there is a strong growth of optical wireless technology that has provided phenomenal extra bandwidth for wireless communications in particular for access networks applications. The applications of optical wireless communications span from mobile data transfer, indoor communications to traffic and last-mile outdoor transmission links. Optical wireless consortiums and standardization groups have been established to support the increasing research activities. The objective of this session is to bring together the state-of-the-art research contributions that address challenges in optical wireless communications.

Topics include but not limited to:
  1. Optical Camera Communications (Visible light communication using image sensors)
  2. High-speed visible light communication
  3. Free Space Optics
  4. Optical wireless channel modelling
  5. Medium access for optical wireless communication
  6. Underwater visible light communication
  7. Location services using visible light communication
  8. Applications of optical wireless communication including vehicular communication, home/office/factory networks, Internet of things (IoT).

Session Organizers:

Rick Roberts

Murat Uysal
Ozyegin University

Tuncer Baykas
Medipol University



Important dates:
Submission deadline:
15 May 2015
1 July 2015 (final)
Acceptance notif.:
21 August 2015
Camera ready:
5 September 2015
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